PojagiBojagi Wall Hanging Workshop

PojagiBojagi Wall Hanging Workshop


Join us Wednesday, April 19th and Thursday, April 20th from 10 am to 4 pm for a two-day intensive workshop learning about bojagi/pojagi and making your very own wall hanging using fiber reactive dyes on cotton gauze and linen fabric.

We will explore a bit of the history of shibori, the Japanese resist and dye techniques that create wonderful surface design patterns. Also, Bojagi, also known as pojagi, is a Korean stitch technique that binds fabrics together with a look of stained glass.

Day One: Students will have an assortment of cotton and linen fabrics to work with, then will learn various folding, clamping, and binding techniques to create designs within the fabrics. We will continue with the learned shibori techniques and apply an array of premixed colorful dyes to the fabrics that will add another dimension of pattern. Once the fabrics are dyed, they will cure in the studio overnight.

Day Two: We will begin with the “reveal” of all that we have resisted! Always exciting to see what appears on the surface of the fabrics! Traditional pojagi techniques will be taught and explored with the dyed fabrics. Students will then assemble their artwork by hand stitching fabrics together to create a one-of-a-kind original hanging work of art! 

Supply Fee of $25 can be paid on the first day of class. 

Brown and orange wall hanging by Karen Bennett, kbennettart.com and lilac and green wall hanging by Susan Haldeman of New Hue Textile Studio. 

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