Extracting Color From Nature: First Session

Extracting Color From Nature: First Session


Hosted by Nikki Stitch! And New Hue Textile Studio

At Cottonwood Center for the Arts | Studio #236

10 am – 12 | noon – 1 pm Lunch Break | 1 – 3 pm

There are a plethora of natural pigments waiting to be extracted from vegetables from your garden and even from your kitchen. This fun, intensive four-hour workshop will introduce you to that process.

We will be focusing on preparing a dye vat with red cabbage, extracting pigment from the vat, learning about mordants, and experimenting with adjusting colors using baking soda, iron, and vinegar.

Samples of other beautiful dyes from natural food products will be shared and used to test fibers. By the end of the workshop, you will leave with a more thorough knowledge of preparing natural dye stuffs, processing your yields and the exciting beginnings of a sample library.

Supplies Provided in Kit: $20 kit fee due day of class

  • Fiber samples and scraps: cellulose and silk/wool

  • Key Ring & Watercolor Paper to start your sample reference library

  • Natural dye stuffs

    • Red Cabbage

    • Coffee

    • Tea

    • Variety of Berries

    • Beets

  • Mordants/Baking Soda

  • Vats

  • Water

  • Textile Detergent
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