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Instant Gratification Workshop Series: Dye It, Stitch It Session One: Indigo Swirl Vest

Ruth Chandler joins forces with Susan Haldeman and Tess Murdoch of New Hue Textiles Studio to offer a whirlwind weekend workshop! Why instant gratification? Because you will walk away from this weekend workshop with skills honed, skills learned and a new finished garment!  

Day One: Indigo Immersion!

We begin in New Hue Textile Studio where you will prep fabrics using either, stitching, folding, and clamping or a combination of all 3. In the afternoon you will indigo dye your fabric and prep it for washing.

Day Two: Sew A Finished Garment!

We will all meet in Thread Lab where Ruth will guide you through creating your new favorite garment. You will learn how to tailor it to your body and then stitch it up to make a one your one-of-a-kind, indigo dyed vest.

Two Day Workshop $180.00 with $20 material fee

Supply Fee: Includes: Fabric, Dyes, Notions & Resist Supplies  

Note: If you have an antique tablecloth measuring 60”W x 54”-72”, it can be used to create this garment.