Pennsylvania: My First Week Back on the East Coast

Exactly one year ago I departed for a four month trip to Maine and down to Brooklyn, NY to complete the New York Studio Residency Program. It was an incredible trip and some of you saw and read my monthly blog posts recounting what wonderful things I was able to see and do! Most of my blog posts centered around inspirational visuals that carried over into the LADY BIM studio. This trip has already been full of inspiration, but this particular blog post will be very personal indeed. I have returned to the East Coast for several reasons and occasions. The first was to fly to Pittsburgh with my parents and brother from which we drove to the small rural town of Shankesville, PA for the dedication ceremony of the opening of the Visitor's Center for the Flight 93 National Memorial. My parents won the international competition to design the memorial a decade ago and since then it has been a slow, but steady process to complete the memorial. My parents have worked very closely with many of the family members of the heroes that sacrificed their lives to save many others. To find out more about their story, the Memorial and National Park, click here. After the beautiful ceremonies on September 10th and 11th, we headed to Gettysburg National Military Park for a harrowing, guided tour of the battlegrounds. It was a very emotional few days. We continued our journey to the suburb of Downington which lies an hour outside of Philadelphia to stay with my Aunt and her family. We were able to catch up with family, have dinner with my incredible Great Aunt Scotty who is 102 and still sharp as a whip. I was able to make it to the Baldwin Book Barn which has been around since 1934! I left with some rarities and about several generations of dust. My family and I were also able to squeeze in a visit to the beautiful studios of the famous woodworker George Nakashima in New Hope, PA. His daughter Mira still carries on his legacy and works with an amazing team of of craftsmen that still produce new and original designs. The day before my family and I headed to Philadelphia to meet with my cousin Miki, a recent graduate of Georgetown Law School and wonderful guide to the city. We paid a visit to both the impressive Barnes Foundation, (no pictures allowed inside of course) and the stunning Rodin Museum; conveniently located right next to each other. My family left for their home in Los Angeles and I continued my adventure taking the train down to Washington D.C. to stay with Miki. Below are pictures taken from this past week, hope you enjoy! Will be posting my D.C. and Brooklyn moments after that and reporting on the three day Rhinebeck Arts Festival LADY BIM will be participating in October 2nd, 3rd and 4th.

The sunset before we left for the East Coast was magnificent and I like to think symbolic of good things to come! 



The view from the plane was often clear and I was in awe of these topographical views. The way this land in Colorado was broken up reminded me of our new Patchwork Collection for A/W!

My brother Graham silhouetted against the raw Pennsylvania landscape that completes the Flight 93 National Memorial. The first view is outside the Memorial's Learning Center while the second is of Graham in a tranquil spot of the Visitor's Center. 

A National Park Ranger keeps watch at the dedication ceremony at the Flight 93 National Memorial. As a visitor, you can walk through the great walls imprinted with the pattern of the hemlock groves that collided with Flight 93. Walking to the end of the black overlook, you are lined up with the flight path of the plane and the crash site. It is an incredibly powerful experience. 

barn and corn

Rural beauty in PA

gettysburg 1

The once peaceful town of Gettysburg changed forever in 1863 when the Confederate forces led by Robert E. Lee lost to the Union forces lead by George Meade. Both the north and the south lost tens of thousands of men and the battlegrounds, although peaceful once more after all these years, will be forever charged with the loss of that pivotal three day battle. 

bool barn

The beautiful aged facade of the Baldwin Book Barn - if you are in West Chester, PA, make sure to pay it a visit. There are books on top of books that can never be found anywhere ever again!

The gorgeous exterior and interior of the Rodin Museum. His sculptures never seem to age. 


Inside one of the stunning studios built by George Nakashima and filled with signature Nakashima furniture. 

Onto D.C. and new adventures!