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Baby Holden all wrapped up in his Happiness Bamboo Hemp Knit Children's Blanket 


We LOVE this blankie. It's by far, one of the most versatile ones we have...

As much as I love the large gauze piece for use as a nursing cover and car seat cover, this smaller piece is a little more manageable for Holden to use/interact with.

It lives in his car seat most of the time and serves as a blanket when he needs to be covered up, a "lovie" when he's falling asleep and needs something to cuddle, a wrap when I'm nursing in public and don't have a full cover, and has even been used as a burp cloth if (when) I forget a dedicated one! I carry it regardless of whether or not I have a purse with me! The stretchy material is perfect for warm or cold weather, as it isn't too heavy, or too light, and Holden loves the feel of it as well. He also loves to chew on it... Which probably isn't one of the best uses, but at least I have peace of mind that he's not putting anything un-natural in his mouth!



Rachel Clark


H. & Clark

Thank you Rachel Clark for your wonderful review! It doesn't get much better than seeing our customers using and loving our products. Our Happiness Bamboo Hemp Knit Children's Blanket is a beautiful blend of natural, sustainable, breathable fibers that are scrumptiously soft. Parents (as you can see), find the size perfect to take everywhere, its not too bulky, so it easily tucks into car seats, strollers and baby tote bags. Go to our shop page to see our hand-dyed, one of a kind styles! 

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